A big step for me


With the help of my husband, who created the homepage, and Maggy, who took the wonderful pictures, we were able to celebrate the launch of my homepage in January 2021.

So grateful


This is Maggy ... a woman who is beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. She has the gift of capturing beauty in the form of images in which one can totally lose oneself. I am so glad that she found me and that such a collaboration and friendship could develop. I owe her the beautiful photos on my homepage and the new logo. She also encouraged me to set up my own online shop.

New designs

Expansion and optimization of the offer

During this time I worked a lot on my technology and on new designs. In addition, I received a criticism that I had to digest first. But it meant that I questioned certain points and was able to optimize them. In retrospect, I'm very grateful to the person for that. One review per year is enough;).

designed by Hannah M.

My first logo

My friend Hannah designed the first logo for me. Even if I have a new one now, I still love it very much. Thank you Hannah.

My first earrings

Classic - Collection

In May 2020 I started making earrings. Shortly afterwards my first collection came out, the Classic Collection. It is therefore particularly important to me.


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