Why "So Loved Manufacture"?

In this blog I want to tell you about a formative event with jewelry and how I came up with the name “You Are So Loved Manufacture or “So Loved Manufacture came.

I come from Russian-German circles where it was not welcome to wear jewelry at the time. I remember an incident that made me think as a young girl. I went to church with my grandmother and wore my brand new earrings my mom gave me. She had picked it up from the jeweler and said to me: "I want you to have something special".

Well, now I sat with my new earrings in my grandma's church and heard people whispering about me. I picked up the following sentence: "Not beautiful this girl, not beautiful". At the age of 13, it was not clear to me that I owed all the talk to the earrings and that the people there couldn't do anything with earrings due to the differences in generation and culture. That occupied me for a while and I wondered what was wrong with me. 

Back then, that was only a small part of my journey in search of beauty and love. But that shouldn't be the topic now.

I have a heart for women. For the beauty that each individual carries and for the love that can fill us if we allow it. It is such a shame that we women sometimes do not even recognize our worth, that we always do not feel beautiful and start comparing. We are all, each one, a masterpiece.

I started making earrings last summer. And because I can't just do it without my I wanted to communicate and send a message, I wrote “You Are So Loved” in every packet.

I want to give you this message with my jewelry. "YOU are loved, and something like that". It's not about my love, it's about God's love. A love from someone who can give you a healthy soul. A love made of beauty. Take a look at nature, what a masterpiece. And you too are part of his creation. You're beautiful. do not forget You are loved, but something of ".